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StratMine Consulting

StratMine consults both nationally and internationally and in Africa to provide mining solutions to the Industry. Work has successfully been undertaken in a number of African countries where our consultants have extensive experience in the mining and processing of ore such as coal, gold, copper, diamonds, iron ore, zinc, silver and limestone.

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Mining Services

- Consultation with Governmental bodies.
- Technical Services.
- Feasibility Studies.
- Desktop studies.
- Safety Audits and safety related improvements to existing operational practices.
- Operational audits and trade off studies.
- Standard operational cost audits and improvements.
- Operational and Capital costing and financial auditing and improvement studies.

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Optimizing Costs

Mines operate equipment which means effective management is a prerequisite for optimizing equipment and maintenance which protects your investment and improves your bottom line. This is done by extending equipment life, reducing energy and operating costs.

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Legal Services

Our Legal Services provides for legal contracts drawn up to suit each and every client’s needs and requirements in all aspects of mining operations and related commercial entities. Inter alia, such contracts includes:
- Procurement contracts
- Human resources contracts
- Off take agreements
- Product sales contracts and agreements

About Us

- StratMine Consulting uses advanced methods to optimize output in order to achieve cost reduction.

- Expertise in operational mining, engineering and Commercial Law.

- StratMine is not just a consultant – but part of the team to ensure a desired outcome.

- StratMine takes an integrated approach spanning the life of mine.

African Countries worked in:
Southern Africa
Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique.
Eastern Africa
Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Burundi.
Western Africa
DRC, Republic of Congo.
Northern Africa
Sierra Leone, Mali, Guinea, Ghana.

Contact Us

Contact Details

Cape Town Office
Nic Lothering
Phone: +27 82 870 7151
Fax: 086 621 7001

Contact Details

Johannesburg Office
Tony Botha
Phone: +27 82 490 8231
Fax: 011 883 7832